Pentax 645n camera with 45mm 75mm and 80-160mm zoom lens 120 back


• Includes 2 complimentary rolls of CatLABS X FILM 120 BW negative film
• This camera is used, tested and working as it should
• All functions are tested and working as they should
• All knobs and levers are present and working as they should with the exception of the shutter speed knob cover
• The Shutter speed knob cover is missing, and is no longer available from Pentax/Ricoh. The dial works as it should and speeds along with B, A and X settings are hand marked and easy to use
• Cosmetically, this camera shows normal signs of use
• Inside of the camera and back are functional and clean


• 45mm lens is a super high speed wide angle lens
• Front element has 2 very small nicks in coating (less than 1mm) which will not impact image quality, otherwise glass is exceptionally clean
• 75mm lens is a normal angle of view, compact and light weight
• Clean glass inside and out
• 80-160mm zoom lens is a superb portrait lens with massive flexibility when working in dynamic settings or with live models
• Clean glass inside and out