Photometer 2: Spot meter for large format cameras (focal plane metering)


The photo meter 2 is a convenient, hand-held metering unit, which comes with a metering probe and a frame that inserts into the camera in place of the usual film holder for accurate spot metering on the focal plane

Handheld meter unit
4X5 probe frame (universal fit to any 4X5 camera)
Optional: 8X10 probe frame (universal fit to any 8X10 camera) - use pull down menu to select this option
Metering probe with detachable connection cable


• Convenient, hand-held, battery-operated meter unit (intuitive and easy to use)
• Ideal when using the Zone system
• Capable of metering light level at any point on the image plane (optimize exposure settings for highlight, shadow areas and mid-tones)
• Metering probe and frame inserts into camera in place of standard film holder
• Two memories (store shadow or highlight tones while metering another, to
optimize exposure across the image)
• Wide sensitivity range (exposures from 1/2000s to > 1 hour)
• Adjustable film speed

Options (see pull-down menu for metering frame sizes):

• 4X5 only
• 4X5 + 8X10