• Mains lead
• enlarger/safelight connectors
• calibration kit
• instructions


• Up to eight spot readings of a negative can be taken and the corresponding tonal
value of each on the final print will be displayed on the 15 step grey scale.
• Simple controls (harder, softer, brighter, darker) allow print contrast and
brightness to be previewed without the use of test strips or prints – saves time
and paper.
• Over and under exposure warnings. 12-stop measurement range.
• Exposure times of 1.0 to 240 seconds are calculated automatically by the
Analyser Pro using the metering probe in conjunction with paper grade and built-in
calibration settings. Exposure times can be adjusted manually.
• Basic and burn-in exposures are accurate to 1/12th stop maximum resolution and
microprocessor controlled to within a hundredth of a second.
• Clever burn-in feature computes and times the difference between an increased
exposure time and the basic print exposure. Makes burning-in a breeze! Simply
make the basic exposure, increase the exposure time by the desired amount, then
press and hold the Print key – the Analyser Pro subtracts the base exposure from
the new time and times the result automatically!
• Adjustable calibration caters for your preferences of paper, processing, and
enlarger characteristics for every grade of paper from 00 to 5, including half-
• Automatic reciprocity failure compensation.
• Densitometer mode to help refine your film development.
• Eight individual calibration sets for different papers, surfaces, etc. Adjustable
calibration caters for your preferences of paper, processing, and enlarger
characteristics for every grade of paper from 00 to 5, including half-grades.
• Automatic test strip generation for fine tuning of print exposure; test strips can
be generated either as incremental or full exposures.
• Switching capacity of 750 W (500W for 115v versions) handles most enlargers,
including cold-cathode types.
• A footswitch is available as an optional extra for hands-free operation – see the
accessories page.
• Industrial grade components throughout, including gold-contact switches and
heavy-duty relays, for maximum reliability.


• Timing accuracy: Better than 1%. Timing repeatability: Better than 0.1%
• Internal measurement resolution: 1/60 stop
• Timing range: 1.0 to 240 seconds per exposure. Timing resolution: 0.01 sec
• Time setting intervals: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 or 1/12 stop; user selectable at any time.
• Automatic Test Strips can be made using the currently set time interval.
• Optional audible seconds tick (“metronome”)
• Measurement spot size: 2mm (0.05 inch) approx. Measurement range: twelve
stops, with over and under exposure indication. Up to eight spot measurements
per exposure
• Calibration: built-in, user adjustable exposure and contrast settings for all grades
from 00 to 5 in half grade steps. Eight individual calibration sets.
• Optional delay to accommodate slow-starting enlargers (e.g some Durst and
Kaiser stabilised transformers)
• Switching capacity: (230v versions) 750W per outlet, 750W total. (115v versions)
500W per outlet, 500W total
• Display type: Yellow LED, 4 digits for time and paper grade: 15 segment bar
graph for grey scale
• Size: Main unit: WHD 200mm x 65mm x 160mm (7.8 x 2.5 x 6.3 inches), Sensor:
WHD 80x56x24mm (3.1 x 2.1 x 1 inches) approx. Weight: 2200g approx.