Ritter 7X17 large format camera with 3 holders, film and Peilcan 1650 case


One of the most advanced LF systems ever made, still in production by Richard Ritter in Vermont, all parts and upgrades are readily available. Ritter will sell you an 8X10 conversion (with bellows) for this kit for around 1700$ if you wanted to turn this into a multi format Ritter setup.

All specs can be found on Ritters website.

This camera takes 6X6 deardorff style lensboards


• 7X17 Ritter camera
• 7X17 ground glass protector
• 6X6rc lensboard with #3 hole
• 1650 rolling pelican case with custom foam insert
• 3 modern AWB style 7X17 walnut film holders with protective pouches
• 2 boxes of expired Ilford 7X17 BW film (one open, one unopened)

Camera Condition:

• Bellows fully tested, light tight
• This camera is used and shows minor signs of use with some light bumps,
scrapes and dings throughout
• All knobs, levers and locks are present and working as they should
• All geared movements are smooth, lock easily and firmly
• Holders are tested light tight