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Rochester Optical Company 11X14 Field Camera with Extension


Classic, 120 year old 11X14 camera.

While it does show its age, it is complete, intact and very usable.

Made of mahogany, but finished to mimic American walnut (as was the practice with camera finishing in the late 19th century).

A complete set, including the extension rack.

Brand new bellows installed.

Movements include geared front rise, rear swing and tilt.

Front frame was damaged and repaired at some point. It is not the prettiest repair, but is solid and stable.

Ground glass is stained, but still usable.

No lens board is included.

Takes modern, standard, ANSI-style 11X14 film holders.

All modern holders will fit this camera.

We have several 11X14 holders in stock, which could be bundled with this camera.

We also sell fresh Bergger Pancro 400 11X14 film.

Ask us about combining this purchase with any film, large format lenses or film holders.