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Rodenstock Apo Grandagon N 45mm F4.5 Lens in Copal #0 Shutter (Sinar Sinaron Digital)


Latest version of the Apo Grandagon N line.

One of the most advanced LF lenses ever made.

Apo Sinaron Digital branding was made for sale under Sinar's own brand.

The "digital" branding came at an interim period, before Rodenstock started making dedicated digital lenses, but wanted to cater to Sinar's new digital camera outfits.

This lens is identical in every respect to the contemporary branded Rodenstock Apo Grandagon N 45mm.

Just hits the corners on 4X5 and makes for an ideal 6X12 ultra-wide lens.

Lens is in good, used condition.

Minor signs of use.

Clean, APO-ED glass. No fungus, scratches, haze or other blemishes to report.

Shutter works as it should.

Aperture scale is hand marked and accurate.

Includes retaining ring and original caps.

We have lens boards for most cameras in stock, just ask.