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Rodenstock Grandagon N 155mm F6.8 MC Lens in Copal #1 Shutter


Latest version of the Grandagon N line, and one of the most advanced wide-angle LF lenses ever made.

This is a unique, ultra-wide lens for 8X10.

Latterally corrected, this is an ideal solution for interiors, tight spaces, or anywhere else where straight lines are wanted with minimal drop off.

Lens coating shows some minor mottling (only visible in some angles), which is common with this era Rodenstock lenses. This will not affect image quality in any way.

Lens is mounted in a small, easily serviceable Copal #1 shutter.

Shutter is in good working condition, with normal signs of use. Speeds sound correct to the ear.

Includes retaining ring.

No caps included.

We have lens boards for most cameras in stock, just ask.