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Shen Hao TZ45-IIB 4X5 field camera with 150mm + 90mm lenses + holders


The TZ45-IIB is Shen Hao's top of the line 4X5 camera model, employing a very handy rear rise system and all around refined movements.

This camera is very lightly used and shows minimal signs of handling.


- Shen Hao TZ45-IIB
- Fuji W (EBC) 150mm F5.6
- Fuji SWD (EBC) 90mm F5.6
- 3 modern, used, light-tight tested film holders


- Front: swing, shift, rise/fall, yaw free/axis tilts with center detentes
- Rear: rise, tilt, swing
- Camera uses common and easy to find Linhof Technika style lens boards
- Interchangeable bellows
- Both front and rear standards have retro movement, to easily accommodate
very short focal lengths
- Back easily mounted vertically or horizontally


Fuji W EBC 150mm F5.6:

The 150mm is a normal angle of view lens on 4X5, (equivalent to a 50mm lens on 35mm format cameras). This is a modern, EBC multi-coated lens, which offers extreme sharpness. Massive coverage (covers 5X7). Clean glass and good working shutter.

Fuji W EBC 90mm F5.6:

The 90mm is a wide angle lens on 4X5, (equivalent to a 28mm lens on 35mm format cameras). Top of the line, modern, sharp, EBC multi-coated lens with massive coverage (covers 5X7 and more). F5 max aperture. One of the fastest lenses in its class and considered one of the sharpest as well. Glass is clean, shutter fires nicely on all speeds.

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.