Sinar F 4X5 Camera with 210mm F5.6 MC Lens + Holders + Fresnel + Bag Bellows



• Sinar F 4X5 monorail camera
• Schneider Symmar S MC 210mm F5.6 lens (Branded as Caltar IIS)
• Two 4X5 film holders (used, modern, tested light-tight)
• Standard rail
• 6" extension rail
• Fresnel lens
• Wide-angle bellows

Camera Features:

• Front and rear movements include shift, rise, swing and base tilt
• Automatic DOF calculator
• Positive center detentes throughout
• Back can easily be mounted in vertical or horizontal position
• Equipped with a fresnel/ground glass combo

Camera Condition:

• This camera is used, tested and working as it should
• Cosmetically, this camera shows normal signs of use
• Spring lock back is tight and works as it should
• Some bubble levels are dry
• Fresnel/ground glass combo is clean, bright and clear

Schneider Symmar S 210mm F5.6:

• Branded for sale under Calumets home brand as "Caltar II-S"
• 210mm is a tele/portrait-angle of view lens on 4X5 cameras (similar to a 85mm lens on 35mm cameras)
• Lens shows some "schneiderities" which does not impact image quality
• Otherwise - lens glass is clean
• Shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.