SOLARCAN: Ready to use Solography/Pinhole Camera (no darkroom needed!)


• Brand new

• A unique camera designed to produce extreme time lapse exposures that capture the Sun's path across the sky, over weeks, months or years

• An ideal science/photography experiment for those who want to share their love of science, astronomy and photography with others

• Comes pre-loaded with a sheet of photographic paper

• No darkroom or chemistry is needed

• Simply place your Solarcan (consult the included manual for optimal results) and open the pinhole aperture to begin the exposure

• After some days, weeks, months or years, crack open the can (using any household can opener) and retrieve the photographic paper from inside the can

• Use your phone, a digital camera or a scanner to capture the image solarized onto the photographic paper and digitally invert the colors to obtain a positive image

• Return the exposed sheet back into the can or protective hard shell for safe keeping

• Join a vibrant online community of Solarcan users and post your results

• An ideal gift for someone who wants to take the first steps in exploring analog photography


• Solarcan (ready-to-use pinhole solography camera, with a built-in precision pinhole)
• Hard protective shell (exterior color might vary)
• Booklet with a comprehensive manual and how-to guide
• Cable ties (zip locks), to tie your solar can to any object at home or in the wild