Phototherm Super Sidekick 4 w/ tank, reels, tubes and bottles (6 month warranty)


Exceedingly rare, highly sought after, fully automatic, compact, tabletop film processor.


Super Sidekick 4 compact automatic film processor
110V (can be used with 220V see notes below)
4 reel tank
4 paterson type 35/120 reels
1 special 4X5 sheet film reel (up to three sheets)
All tubing and bottles to hook up all type of processes
Water and waste jerrycans with sensors and connectors


Fully automatic compact film processor
Compatible with all film processes: Color (C41) Reversal (E6 3 and 6 bath) BW, RA-4
Machine comes pre-programmed with all popular process types for C41, E6, RA-4 and many BW options
Fully automatic cleaning cycle
**220V users: We can supply this machine with a universal 220V transformer an additional 75$, for use ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD no matter what voltage or plug style. Please contact us to arrange this before placing your order
No need for hot water inlet - this machine works off of a standby water supply tank (jerrycan) or any other water source/container
Fully automatic cleaning
After filling in the chemistry and loading the film, you just have to press the button and the machine will start processing
All bath-changes and rinsing steps are performed autonomously
Max capacity: 4 rolls of 35mm or 120, up to 3 sheets of 4X5
Very small form factor, table top machine (22X19 foot print, roughly the size of a microwave oven)
Both roll film and sheet film utilize the same tank


Used, fully tested, refurbished, fully working machine
6 month warranty
Many new parts installed during refurbishment
Cosmetically, this machine is generally clean, shows normal sings of use with some chemical staining and residue that will clean up with normal use
Top lid has some bumps, nicks and other cosmetic damage