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Temperature-Compensating Development Darkroom Timer


The compensating development timer will help take the hit-and-miss out of timing the development of photographic film and paper under off-nominal temperature conditions. By measuring the temperature of the developing solution continually during development, and adjusting the timer rate accordingly, correct development is assured, even as temperatures vary during development.

The temperature-compensating development timer is designed to be extremely simple and intuitive to use. It is simply a digital stopclock, which runs at a rate dictated by the temperature of the developer solution.

Optimized for use in the darkroom:

- Large, clear, LED display

- Illuminated run/reset switch

- Display illumination safelight red

- Clear, high contrast panel legends

- Selection controls are rocker switches- easy to determine settings by touch in total darkness

- Display has bright, dim and off modes - "dim" mode designed to be visible in near-darkness with minimal fogging risk on sensitive emulsion. "Off" mode blanks the display completely (timing beep in "off" mode" at one minute intervals)

- Chemical-resistant fascia, rear printed on clear polyester for durability

High Performance:

- High-precision stainless-steel thermistor temperature sensor

- 10-bit analogue-to-digital conversion

- High performance digital processor

- Computations carried out to 0.1 deg. C resolution

- Wide operating temperature range- from zero to 54° C.


- Implemented temperature co-efficient 2.5 (equivalent to using Ilford tables), can be supplied with alternative coefficients implemented at a small charge

- Provides temperature display (digital thermometer mode) when timer not running

- Battery-powered (2xAA-not included)

- High Efficiency LED displays provide long battery life (>1000 hours with display on "dim")