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Toyo 45DM 4X5 Camera with Rodenstock 150mm + 240mm Lenses + Holders


The Toyo DM system is the precursor of the modern Toyo G series. It is a super high-precision LF system, offering mostly geared movements and a fully articulating/modular design.


- Toyo 4X5 45DM camera
- Rodenstock Apo Ronar 150mm F9
- Rodenstock Apo Ronar 240mm F9
- Two used film holders (tested, light-tight)

Front and rear movements:

- Geared: shift/rise/fine focus
- Non-geared: swing/tilt

Additional features:

Back rotates for vertical or horizontal position.
Back has a handy bail lever, making loading and unloading holders much easier.


Camera body shows some scrapes, bumps, dings, brassing and other normal signs of use.
Bellows is light-tight.
Knobs and levers lock tightly and work as they should.
Original Toyo gridded ground glass/fresnel combo is in good condition.
Both lenses are mounted in press shutters (max speed 1/125th) and have hand marked aperture scales.
Shutters work as they should.
Both lenses have coated glass.
Glass is clean with no fungus, haze or scratches.
Locking cable release is included.

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.