Wisner Technical 8X10 Camera w/ Fuji 300mm F5.6 lens + Holder + case


Exceptional example from Wsiner's prime production era. Exquisite original condition which is a true testament to the work and effort that went in to making this incredible camera. Hand crafted in Marion, MA, this camera is made of mahogany and brass, all coated in shellac for a timeless shiny and clean look with precision and tolerances that defy belief.

The Wisner Technical is a unique folding field camera featuring the patented Wisner geared tilt, allowing the user to maintain focus throughout a tilt without having to re-adjust. Coupled with a massive rear rise movement, this is one of the most versatile 8X10 cameras ever made. This camera incorporates a massive 4 section extension providing one of the longest bellows draw's in this class of cameras.

This camera is factory made to accept standard Sinar lens board, instead of the unique size traditional Wisner boards and includes a factory bail back lever (a custom upgrade option).


• Wisner Technical 8X10
• Wisner ground glass protector
• Fuji L 300mm F5.6
• One used modern film holder (tested, light tight)
• Original Wisner soft case (worn)

Camera Features:

• Front movements include shift, swing, tilt (on and off axis), rise/fall
• Rear movements: Rise, tilt and swing and geared technical tilt
• Back can easily be mounted in vertical or horizontal positions
• Massive 38"+ bellows draw capability
• Bail back lever
• Takes standard Sinar lens boards

Camera Condition:

• Bellows are light tight, soft, supple and easily allows for max extension
• Kidd leather bellows finish is intact, shiny and smooth
• This camera is used and shows normal and light signs of use with some bumps,
scrapes and dings throughout
• All knobs, levers and locks are present and working as they should
• All geared movements are smooth, locks easily and firmly

Fuji L 300mm F5.6:

• 300mm is a Normal angle of view lens on 4X5 cameras (similar to a 50mm lens on
35mm cameras)
• This lens is used, tested, and working as it should
• Cosmetically, this lens shows normal signs of use
• Glass is clean with no fungus, haze or scratches
• Copal shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds