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Wisner 11X14 Technical Field Camera + S&S Film Holder


One of the most advanced wooden field cameras ever designed. Made in Marion, MA. Amazing craftsmanship and all the movements you can dream of. Hand crafted to perfection, super tight tolerances that defy belief. All movements are smooth and precise.

The Wisner Technical camera model has all the trademark features, such as rear rise, yaw free rear geared tilt (no need to refocus when tilting) and massive bellows draw on a 4 segment extension bed. Metal hardware is brass and anodized aluminum. This camera is a wonder and marvel of modern engineering, with beautiful wood/metal work, amazing finish and looks. It offers massive movements, with classic Wisner finesse and smoothness.

Camera exterior is in good original condition, with most surfaces still showing the factory shine. The all metal hardware shows some blemishes/discoloration. This is common, due to the shellac coated brass and aluminum. Homemade bamboo ground glass protector is included.

We have many 11X14 holders in stock, as well as many 11X14 capable lenses available.

Check our other listings for a Wisner -> Arca Swiss lensboard adapter for this camera.


This is a used Wisner camera.
All functions on this camera are in good working condition with smooth action throughout.
This camera offers some massive movements.
Features front swing/shift, rise/fall, and yaw free tilts.
Rear swings, rise, yaw free and base tilts.
Bellows is brand new - matches original in shape, color and dimensions.
Bellows is flexible and easily allows for all movements and full camera extension.
All camera movements, knobs, gears and latches are in good working condition.
All gears on this Wisner are smooth moving and lock tightly, as you can expect from a Wisner camera.
This camera will take pretty much any lens you can think of, thanks to massive bellows draw.
Spring lock back is tight and works as it should (one of the springs was replaced with a spring from a Toyo camera back. Does not look like the original, but works as it should).
The back can easily be set up for vertical or horizontal positions.
Includes one S&S film holder, which has been used only once.

Ask us about combining this camera with a lens or holders to make a ready to shoot kit.