Wollensak Raptar 11 7/8" [300mm] F4.5 Lens in Betax #5 Shutter for 8X10


• 300mm is a normal angle of view on 8X10 cameras (similar to a 50mm lens on 35mm cameras)
• This Raptar shares its design with the Kodak Ektar 12" F4.5 lens (both produced in the same Rochester factory)
• Fastest lens in its class
• Lumenized (coated glass)
• Offers amazing speed and critical sharpness
• Creates a very soft, smooth, out-of-focus blur (bokeh), due to a high-density aperture that produces a round-like pupil
• Covers 8X10
• This lens is used, tested and working as it should
• Generally clean glass
• Coating is intact on both the front and rear though front element does show faint cleaning marks which will not impact image quality
• Shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds
• Includes a mounting flange

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