X-Rite 810 transmission reflection color photo Densitometer TESTED #8951

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• Densitometers are used in film photography to measure densities of negatives and the saturation of prints
• Such measurements enable the photographer to choose the right photo paper and the correct exposure right away, allowing them to eliminate test strips
• Once the paper and darkroom are calibrated, the first print from a previously measured negative is immediately a success
• The exposure and development of film and paper can quickly be optimized, by means of precise measurement of the optical density
• The quality of your negatives will be greatly improved by targeted corrections of exposure and development
• Any film-developer combination will be optimized, quickly and safely
• Manual is readily available online (https://www.xritephoto.com/documents/manuals/en/810-64_810_Densitometer_Operation_Manual_en.pdf)