Jobo Pair of White Transfer Gears for Jobo Lift (#95200)


• Brand new

• Replace your transfer gears and keep them lubricated

• Making sure your transfer gears are in good shape and well lubricated will ensure a longer life span for your motor and lift

• Worn out transfer gears add excess strain on your rotation motor and can cause overheating, which slows down and eventually kills your motor

• There should always be slight resistance when turning the transfer gears by hand

• If there is no resistance, or if the gear is wobbling, remove and inspect it (replace and lubricate as needed)

• This set fits all CPA, CPP and large ATL machines

• Does not fit ATL1000\1500

CPE2\CPE2+ users: please see the SPECIAL CPE2 transfer gear set on the pull-down options

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