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Jobo Pair of White Transfer Gears for Jobo Lift (#95200)


Worn out transfer gears add excess strain on your rotation motor. This can cause overheating, which slows down and eventually kills your motor. Replace your transfer gears and keep them lubricated.

Making sure your transfer gears are in good shape and well lubricated will ensure a longer life span for your motor and lift.

In an age when film and chemistry prices are high and rising, don't risk another run.

There should always be slight resistance when turning the transfer gears by hand. If there is no resistance, or if the gear is wobbling, remove and inspect it. Replace and lubricate as needed.

This set fits all CPA, CPP0 and large ATL machines.

Includes manual.

*CPE2\CPE2+ users: please see the SPECIAL CPE2 transfer gear set on the pull down options.

*Does not fit ATL1000\1500.