Jobo ATL1000 Compact Fully Automatic film processor

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Compact, automatic, film and paper processor.
Process films 35mm to 8X10 and prints up to 8X10 in any photographic process: E-6, C41, BW, Pyro and RA-4.

Minor cosmetic damage to the lid flap (see photos)

Includes one 2520 tank, 2X 2502 reels for 35/120, 1X 2509 for 4X5 sheet film

Fully tested, 6 month warranty.

About the ATL1000:

• Fully automatic film processor
• Foot print only 22X22
• Completely self contained system, does not require a tempered water supply
• This machine will temper the water bath and chemistry and ready to start processing from a cold start in 45 minutes or so
• This machine is suitable for all types of film processing such as C-41, E6, RA-4,
Pyro, All BW, and alternative process types
• Fully automatic cleaning and flushing program
• All processing setups can be adjusted and programmed to suite your custom
needs, as well as intermediate wash stages
• Max capacity: up to 5X35mm, 6X120, 6X 4X5, 3X 8X10
• Includes water hook up hose and drain hoses