Jobo ATL 1500 Fully programmable automatic compact Film Processor complete kit

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Rare and unique chance to buy a NEW OLD STOCK Jobo ATL 1500, complete with the rare dedicated hard travel case and a complete set of drums and reels.
This machine was bought new, but never put in to service, has never seen water or chemistry.
Fully tested, ready to go right out of the case.
12 month warranty.

About the ATL 1500:

• Fully programmable, automatic, compact film processor
• Fully user programmable processing channels with limitless adjustments, alongside pre programmed channels for all popular processing types (C-41, E-6 etc)
• This machine is suitable for all types of film processing such as C-41, E6, RA-4,
Pyro, All BW, and alternative process types
• The machine comes preprogrammed with popular C41, E6, RA-4 and BW
processing sequences with various "push and pull" options for each type of
• All processing setups can be adjusted and programmed to suite your custom
needs, as well as intermediate wash stages
• Max capacity: up to 5X35mm, 6X120, 12X 4X5, 3X 8X10 (requires additional
tanks and reels than those included with the machine)
• Includes a complementary set of 3 tanks (1 reel tank, 2 reel tank, 5 reel tank) as well as three 2502 reels for 35/120 and one 2509n reel (for 4X5)