Jobo ATL 2+ (plus) Fully programmable automatic Film Processor


Full size automatic, programmable film and paper processor.
Process films 35mm to 8X10 and prints up to 20X24, as well as Super8 and 16mm with dedicated drums.
No tanks, drums or reels included.

Fully tested, 6 month warranty.

Shipped on pallet (delivery to your door, anywhere in the world!)

About the ATL 2+:

• Fully programmable, automatic film processor
• 1L processing bottles capacity, with a full 1L standby array, allows for liimtless uninterrupted back to back processing
• Fully automatic chemical reclamation (each stage is reclaimed in a dedicated collection bottle)
• Fully user programmable processing channels with limitless adjustments
• This machine is suitable for all types of film processing such as C-41, E6, RA-4,
Pyro, All BW, and alternative process types
• Fully automatic cleaning and flushing programs
• All processing setups can be adjusted and programmed to suite your custom
needs, as well as intermediate wash stages
• Max capacity: up to 10X35mm, 12X120, 10/12X 4X5, 5X 8X10, 50ft of Super8, 30 ft of 16mm, prints up to 20X24
• Includes braided stainless steel water hook up hoses