Bellini Foto film processing kit (C41, E-6, ECN-2)



Bellini Foto has been operating in the field of photo chemistry since 1988. They want to preserve and pass on the precious experience of the analog world. Bellini is one of the only photo chemical companies that can say exclusively “Made in Italy”.

Bellini Kit C-41 1 Liter:
The C41 Negative Film Processing Kit is designed for processing any color negative film. The kit contains material to make 1 liter of developer – 1 liter of bleach-RA – 1 liter of fixer RA and 10 liters of stabilizer.

The C41 negative film process runs at 38°C (C41-RA Rapid Access process).
The capacity of this kit is 16 negative films (35 mm) of 24 exp.

Bellini Kit E-6 1 Liter:
The E-6 Slide Film Processing Kit is designed for processing reversal (slide) film.
It contains material to make 1 liter of first developer, reversal bath, color developer, pre-bleach, bleach, fixer and 10 liters of stabilizer.

The E-6 reversal process runs at 38°C and has a capacity of 12-14 rolls of 35mm/120.

Bellini Kit ECN-2 1 Liter:
The ECN2 Motion Picture Processing kit is designed for processing cinematic films like Kodak Vision3 (50D, 200T, 250D, and 500T) and has the capacity to process 12 35mm x 36exp rolls, 1 16mm x 30.5m, or 6 Super 8 x 15m.

This Kit contains 1 liter of ready-to-use Pre-bath and concentrated solutions to prepare: 1 liter of Developer, Stop Bath, Bleach and Fixer. In addition, it contains concentrated chemicals to prepare 10 liters of Final Rinse.

Store the reconstituted solutions in tightly closed containers, away from light sources and at a temperature between 21 °C and 24 °C. Once used for the first time, store for a maximum of 2 weeks and do not use after this period.