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Bolex H16 Rex 5 16mm Camera with 16mm T1.8 + 25mm T1.4 + 4" T5.1 Lenses


Two options: Bolex H16 with 3 lenses, or H16 body only. See pull-down menu for options.

Film tested, runs well on all speeds.
All functions tested and confirmed by our in-house Cine gear tech, wind provides around 26 to 27 seconds of shooting (at 24fps).
Includes one daylight spool (empty).
Used (scuffs, tape residue and other normal signs of use).
Good working order, all functions tested.
Includes various caps/covers, and a lens shade for the Cooke 4" lens.

Lenses Included:

- Cooke (Taylor, Taylor & Hobson) Telekinic Anastigmat 4" T5.1
- Kern Switar 16mm T1.8
- Kern Switar 25mm T1.4

All lenses are in good working condition, with smooth aperture and dampened focusing.