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Burke and James Orbit 4X5 Camera with 135mm F4.7 Lens + Holders


A basic version of the venerable Calumet CC400 camera system, this B&J "Orbit" is a timeless classic. It is an all metal monorail view camera design, which has lasted for decades as a solid, robust and reliable work horse. This camera is simple and easy to use. With a rotating back, bail back lever and self-locking front rise, it's a breeze to set up.


- Burke and James Orbit 4X5 monorail camera
- Yamasaki/Astragaon 135mm F4.7 lens
- 2 4X5 film holders (used, modern, tested light-tight)

Camera Features:

- Front movements include shift, tilt and rise
- 20" max bellows draw
- Rotating back
- Bail back lever

Camera Condition:

Camera is in good condition with all around normal signs of use.
All knobs lock tightly as they should and all movements are good (rise is very stiff).
Rotating back is tight and works as it should, easily rotated vertically or horizontally.
Ground glass is clean and clear.
Bellows is excellent and tested light-tight.

Yamasaki/Astragaon 135mm F4.7:

The 135mm lens is a moderately wide-angle lens on 4X5 (similar to a 35mm lens on a 35mm camera). This lens is in good, used condition. Clean glass, good working shutter.

Ask us about combining this camera with any of our other large format lenses or holders.