Canon AF 514XL-S Super 8 Camera


• Top-of-the-line Canon Super 8 camera

• Features full autofocus

• Used, tested and working as it should (with the exception of the power zoom)

• Power zoom function is not working

• Meter works as it should, and all indicators on the camera are working (inside and out)

• As with all 514s, the motor sometimes takes a short moment to start after pressing the shutter release button (this only happens if camera has been stored/not used for a period of time, and goes away once the camera regularly used)

• Generally clean lens glass

• No fungus, haze, scratches or other major issues to note

• Battery compartment is clean, with no evidence of ever having any battery spillage

• Finder is clean and clear

• Includes case, mic and remote shutter release

• Takes 6X AA Batteries (not included)