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Carl Zeiss Biogon 75mm F4.5 Lens in Copal Shutter (branded for C.P. Goerz)


This is the most laterally corrected wide-angle lens for 4X5 ever made.

Highly regarded and sought-after lens for architectural applications, as well as many other applications.

This lens was branded for C.P. Goerz and sold to the US government for a custom aerial photography application.

This is an excellent chance to get a 75mm Biogon for a fraction of their price, especially in this rare Goerz branding.

This is a large lens and will most likely only fit a camera with a larger front opening.

Custom shutter mounting job by SK Grimes, along with a custom Grimes delrin front cap.

Shutter is serviced and runs as it should.

Custom aperture scale.

Lens is coated.

Glass shows cleaning marks on the front and rear surfaces, and some "schneider-itis" inside. Otherwise, the glass is clean and produces amazingly sharp results.