CatLABS Digital Focal Plane Spot Light Meter for 4X5 / 8X10 large format cameras


The CatLABS image plane metering system allows large-format camera users to meter at any desired point in the image, allowing for control of contrast and correct exposure for both highlights and shadows across multiple metering modes and setting with near infinite adjustability.

Key system features:

• Convenient, hand-held, battery-operated meter unit (intuitive and easy to use)
• Capable of metering light level at any point on the image plane (optimize exposure
settings for highlight, shadow areas and mid-tones)
• Ideal when using the Zone system
• Metering probes and frame inserts into camera in place of standard film holder
• Large, illuminated (dimmable), digital display
• Metering over a wide range of light levels with exposure calculations available from
1/4000 to 1 hour
• Adjustable reciprocity compensation
• Supports all film speeds in 1/3 stop increments from ISO 1 to ISO 8000
• Average metering: two “hold” functions allowing the light level at two points in the
image to be remembered whilst metering a third point
• Bar-graph display showing resultant negative intensity, in 1 stop and 1/3 stop
• Visible-light optimized sensor (peak sensitivity 540 nm)

This kit includes:

• Hand-held metering unit
• Sensor probe with connecting cable
• Frame that carries the probe and inserts into the camera (4X5 and 8X10 frames are included)