CatLABS refurbished Jobo CPE2 with lift film processor *6 month warranty*

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CPE2 with lift
2520 with cog lid
2509n reel
2502 reel

• This CPE2 has been fully refurbished by CatLABS and carries a 6 month warranty (parts+labor)

• The CPE2 thermostat is accurate down to 0.1c, making it suitable for all types of film processing such as C-41, E6, Pyro, All BW, and various alternative process types

• This processor is used, tested, and working as it should

• Cosmetically, this machine shows normal signs of use with some calcification and staining as to be expected from a used unit

• Transfer gears are freshly lubricated

• 4X 600ml bottles are brand new

Ask us about combining this machine with any drums or reels.