CatLABS Darkroom LED Safelight with dimmer (85cm)


• Brand new


• Multiple size options for any darkroom size, application or placement

• Enables powerful illumination of your darkroom without risk of fogging BW papers, thanks to exacting light output wavelength calibration to match safety standards of all currently available BW papers

• Incredible power of illumination enables infinitely more convenient and safe work than conventional safelights

• Unique compact 85cm long design enables homogeneous and powerful illumination of your darkroom

• Includes a dimmer so that intensity can be adjusted based on distance of installation or application

• Specifically calibrated to be safe with all modern BW papers

• Easily mounted or suspended from any surface or fixture


CatLABS LED safelight (small)
Power supply with 3 meter (9ft) extension and dimmer

Technical Data:

Dimensions: 85cm X 1cm X 1xm
Weight: 0.2 kg.
Internal Voltage: 12 V DC.
Power Consumption: less than 6 Watt.
Red Color Peak Wavelength: 620-635 nm.

Key Benefits:

The ideal light for any BW darkroom application
No risk of fogging paper, thanks to precise wavelength output
Can be mounted on any flat surface or hung/suspended from any fixture
LEDs guarantee immediate switching on/off and a long-term, stable light output
No need for lamp replacement (life span of 40,000 working hours)
Secure and bright red light, at 635nm wavelength
Adjustable intensity, according to your application needs