Jobo CPP2 film and print processor + new style lift latest SN (12 Month warranty)


• Latest SN revision (23XXX), including the strongest motor and support
electronics, suitable for all expert drums (same as in the CPP3)
• Fully refurbished machine: lubricated, adjusted, parts replaced where needed -
this machine is good to go with a 12 month warranty
• New style lift is BRAND NEW
• This machine is fully tested, all machine functions were load tested and work as
they should
• Includes 6 NEW 1000ml bottles and 4 NEW 260ml beakers
• The ideal film and print processor, suitable for all types of film processing such as C-
41, E6, RA-4, Pyro, All BW and alternative process types
• Externally, this machine is quite dirty and shows heavy signs of use, with some staining, scuffs, bumps, dings and residue from silicone applied by previous owner. Should clean up with some elbow grease and time, or use as is
• 12 month warranty (parts and labor) from CatLABS