Deardorff V8 8X10 Camera w/ Fuji 300mm lens + Holder REFUBISHED + NEW BELLOWS

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This camera has been fully refurbished while preserving its amazing 70 year patina. This camera dates to ~1950 and has been very well preserved. During this process, each and every piece of metal hardware, including every single screw on this camera has been removed, cleaned and re-installed, aligned and is now better than it was when new. Note the meticulous screw head alignment throughout the entire camera. A new strap was installed at the same time.

This is a non front swing V8 camera, offering better front end stability and 2LBS weight savings.

A brand new CatLABS made bellows installed May 2022. All tracks are lubricated and movements are all as smooth as you can expect from a Deardorff.


• Deardorff V8 8X10 camera
• Fuji L 300mm F5.6
• One used film holder (tested, light tight)

Camera Features:

• Front movements include swing, tilt, rise/fall and micro rise/fall adjustment on the
front panel
• Rear movements: tilt and swing
• Back can easily be mounted in vertical or horizontal positions
• Massive 32" bellows draw capability

Camera Condition:

• Bellows are brand new, synthetic Kevlar fiber lined with synthetic silk
• This camera is fully refurbished and shows amazing patina along with a clean and
polished hardware look
• Original wood finish is largely intact throughout and shows normal signs of use
and age
• All knobs, levers and locks are present and working as they should
• All geared movements are smooth, locks easily and firmly
• Ground glass is clean and clear and includes a bright fresnel screen overlay

Fuji L 300mm F5.6:

• 300mm is a Normal angle of view lens on 4X5 cameras (similar to a 50mm lens on
35mm cameras)
• This lens is used, tested, and working as it should
• Cosmetically, this lens shows normal signs of use
• Glass is clean with no fungus, haze or scratches
• Modern copal shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds