DLG Temperature-Compensating Development Timer


DLG Electronic's Compensating Development Timer will help take the hit-and-miss out of timing the development of photographic film and paper under off-nominal temperature conditions. By continually measuring the temperature of the developing solution (during development), and adjusting the timer rate accordingly, correct development is assured (even as temperatures vary during development).

The Temperature-Compensating Development Timer is designed to be extremely simple and intuitive to use. To put it simply, it is a digital stopwatch, which runs at a rate dictated by the temperature of the developer solution.


- Temperature-compensating development timer unit
- Temperature probe
- Tray clamp for timer unit
- Foot switch for timer unit
- Wall cradle for timer unit
- 10 page instruction booklet


- Optimized for use in the darkroom
- Has built-in, ambient digital thermometer mode
- Large, clear, LED display
- Illuminated run/reset switch
- Adjustable intensity display, safe-light red
- Chemical-resistant
- Accurate to 0.1° C
- Operating range 0-54° C
- Uses 2 AA batteries (battery life is more than 1000 hours, batteries not included)