eTone Extended Developing Tank 3 Spirals 120 35 4x5 B/W film Darkroom Processing


Three-core extended developing tank 120 135 4x5 B&W film Dark Room Processing Equipment

3 Spirals Reel Developing Tank:

This Developing tank can be split and extended.

Developing capacity:
When disassembled, it can be used for 1520 developing tank.
*135/35mm film: 2 rolls
*120 film: 2 rolls
When incorporating extensions, it can be used for 1530 developing tank.
*135/35mm film: 3 rolls
*120 film: 4 rolls
(Support simultaneous development of 135mm film and 120 film.)
For the formula of developing film, please refer to picture 8.

Weight: 416g
Tank size:21.5cm x 9.6cm

This Developing tank is fine in workmanship, good in sealing, and does not leak liquid. It is very suitable for use with manual rotating base or automatic rotating base.

4x5 Spiral Reel:

The inner core of the developing tank can develop six 4X5 films at a time.
Compatibility suitable for Wigobolt and JOBO developing tanks.
Material: plastic
Weight: 85g

Manual rotating base:

Practical manual roller base, it suitable for 120 135 developing tank with two spiral reel and 3 spiral reel developing tank.

The round wheel contain plastic bearing in the center. This design increase the maximum rotation speed.

1x Developing Tank (includes 3 Spirals reel)
1x 4x5 Spiral Reel
1X Manual rotating base