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Filmomat: Compact, Programmable Film Processor


SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - 2-3 week lead time.

Shipped directly from the manufacturer, import duties might apply.

Full service and support available locally.

All tanks and accessories available.



With only 35x35x40cm, the Filmomat is roughly the size of a microwave oven. Nevertheless, it can handle any film format from 35mm up to 5x7". For the different formats there are different processing tanks, which can be connected to the Filmomat by a spill-free quick coupling. The Filmomat is a completely stand-alone machine. It doesn't require a water connection or any accessories. Just plug it in and start.


The Filmomat is a fully automatic film processor. After filling in the chemistry and loading the film, you just have to press the button and the machine will start processing. The chemistry is heated and kept at the correct temperature automatically. All bath-changes and rinsing steps are performed autonomously. Up to 19 custom programs with up to 10 steps can be programmed.


When you talk about film processors, you may think of large, bulky and ugly looking devices which produce a lot of noise and are complicated to use.

The Filmomat is different.

In fact, it looks more like some fancy piece of HiFi equipment. Right from the beginning, the goal was to build a machine which not only "does the job", but also looks good enough to be termed "living room friendly". Living in a two-room apartment without having a dedicated darkroom, requires a small footprint and nice design. The Filmomat meets these requirements. With 35x35x40cm, it is roughly the size of a microwave oven. The shiny black acrylic housing looks cool and perfectly fits some vinyl played next to it.


You might be familiar with inversion- and rotational agitation. The Filmomat uses a different method, which is called "gas-burst-agitation". For this technique, a gas is bubbled through the processing tank. The rising gas-bubbles create a strong turbulence, which thoroughly mixes the fluid inside the tank. By adjusting the length and interval of these gas-bursts, the amount of agitation is defined.

To make things simple, the Filmomat uses plain air to create the agitation. Air consists of (almost) 80% nitrogen and only about 20% oxygen. Even if you reuse the developer many times, for example for E6 or C41 processes, no degradation of it's activity could be noticed, due to possible oxidation.

It has been found, that a 1 second air-burst every 10 seconds creates an agitation, which is similar to a standard inversion agitation (like three inversions every 30 seconds).

On the right you can watch a short video which shows how the air-burst-agition looks inside the 4x5"-tank.

By the way, there won't be any air-bubbles on your processed film. A special mechanism ensures that no air bubbles can stick to the film, which would cause uneven development. More info in the next section.


If you order the Filmomat, it already comes with a processing tank for 135 and 120 films. This tank uses film spirals of the Jobo 1500-system. You can process up to two rolls of 135, two rolls of 120 or one roll of 220 per run. The 135/120 tank has a special mechanism built into it's cap, which "bumps" the film spirals against the bottom of the tank after every agitation air-burst. This removes any air bubbles, which might adhere to the spirals and would cause uneven development.

For sheet film, there are rectangular processing tanks like the one you see on the left. These tanks consist of a set of notches, which hold the sheet films in place.

Tanks are available for 4x5", 9x12cm and 5x7"/13x18cm (one tank for both sizes). The capacity is 6 sheets in case of 4x5" or 9x12cm and 3 sheets in case of the 5x7"/13x18cm tank.


Keeping the Filmomat clean is crucial to maintain high quality film processing over a long period of time.

Therefore, the Filmomat has a built-in, fully automatic cleaning program. Just fill the 7L-water reservoir with fresh water, connect an empty processing tank, and start the cleaning program. The Filmomat automatically flushes every compartment, every pipe and every valve several times with fresh water. The waste water is drained through the waste-water-exit.

This whole procedure takes only 5 minutes! Watch the time-lapse video of the cleaning program on the right.