Filmomat: Compact, Programmable Film Processor


• Brand new

• Special order item, 2-3 week lead time

• Shipped directly from the manufacturer, import duties might apply

• Full service and support available locally

• Fully automatic film proccessor

• A completely stand-alone machine (doesn't require a water connection or any accessories)

• After filling in the chemistry and loading the film, you just have to press the button and the machine will start processing

• The chemistry is heated and kept at the correct temperature automatically

• All bath-changes and rinsing steps are performed autonomously

• Up to 19 custom programs with up to 10 steps can be programmed

• Can handle 35mm up to 5X7 sheet film (b&w and color)

• Can process up to two rolls of 135, two rolls of 120 or one roll of 220 per run

• Compact (35X35X40cm, roughly the size of a microwave oven)

• Shiny black acrylic housing

• For the different formats there are different processing tanks, which can be connected to the Filmomat by a spill-free quick coupling

• Uses a different agitation method called "gas-burst-agitation", in which a gas is bubbled through the processing tank, creating a strong turbulence which thoroughly mixes the fluid inside the tank (by adjusting the length and interval of these gas bursts, the amount of agitation is defined)

• It has been found, that a 1 second air-burst every 10 seconds creates an agitation, which is similar to a standard inversion agitation (like three inversions every 30 seconds)

• A special mechanism ensures that no air bubbles can stick to the film, which would cause uneven development

• Includes a processing tank for 135 and 120 films (uses film spirals of the Jobo 1500-system)

• For sheet film, there are rectangular processing tanks consisting of a set of notches, which hold the sheet films in place

• Tanks are available for 4X5, 9X12cm and 5X7/13X18cm (one tank for both sizes)

• The capacity is 6 sheets for 4X5 and 9X12cm, and 3 sheets for 5X7/13X18cm tank

• Built-in, fully automatic cleaning program (just fill the 7L-water reservoir with fresh water, connect an empty processing tank, and start the cleaning program)

• Automatically flushes every compartment, every pipe and every valve several times with fresh water (the waste water is drained through the waste-water-exit)

• All tanks and accessories available separately