Filmomat 2020: Compact, Programmable Film Processor



• Brand new

• Full service and support available locally

• Fully automatic film processor

• A completely stand-alone machine (doesn't require a water connection or any accessories)

• After filling in the chemistry and loading the film, you just have to press the button and the machine will start processing

• The chemistry is heated and kept at the correct temperature automatically

• All bath-changes and rinsing steps are performed autonomously

• Up to 19 custom programs with up to 10 steps can be programmed

• Can handle up to 4 rolls of 35mm or 120, up to 12 sheets of 4X5 sheet film (b&w and color)

• Compact (35X35X40cm, roughly the size of a microwave oven)

• Shiny black acrylic housing

• Both roll film and sheet film utilize the same tank, and can be mixed ad matched

• Rotation processing, near silent operation

• Includes one tank, reels sold separately (choose to combine reels at the time of order using the pull down menu)

• Built-in, fully automatic cleaning program (just fill the 7L-water reservoir with fresh water, connect an empty processing tank, and start the cleaning program)

• Automatically flushes every compartment, every pipe and every valve several times with fresh water (the waste water is drained through the waste-water-exit)

• Extra tanks and accessories available separately