Filmomat Light: compact manual rotational film processing

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Filmomat Light is a compact workstation for manual rotational film processing - at a very affordable price point! The centerpiece is a pivotable motor unit, which will adapt to almost all processing tanks on the market (Jobo, Paterson, Kaiser, etc.). The rotation speed is continuously adjustable from 20 to 99rpm. Every seven revolutions the rotation direction is inverted, to ensure proper agitation of the chemistry. A powerful planetary gearbox motor ensures that even big tanks (like Jobo Multitank 5) can be rotated reliably. The body of the Filmomat Light can be filled with water, which allows temperature control for C41 or E6 processes. Filmomat Light doesn’t have an integrated heater - instead, you simply use a SousVide cooker! The machine is designed for maximum compatibility with your existing equipment - a perfect fit for every darkroom.

The Filmomat Light is a universal and affordable workstation for manual film processing. On a very small footprint, it offers a temperature-controlled and reproducible processing environment with automatic rotation of the film tank. Compatible with most common processing tank systems of various sizes (for example Jobo 15x and 25x series, NO ExpertDrums). The perfect way to get started with home film development!

Watch the demo video here:

Download the instruction manual here:


• Universal workstation/platform for manual film processing.

• Works with most common processing tank systems (Jobo, Kaiser, etc.) of various sizes. Paterson Tanks require an additional adapter, due to the different tank shape (order HERE).

• Use your own SousVide Cooker for temperature control.

• For color and black-and-white processing.

• Sturdy CNC-milled PVC housing.

• Powerful all-metal planetary gearbox motor.

• Continuous speed control (20 - 99 rpm, depending on tank size).

• Stainless steel axes for maximum stability.

• You can program the diameter of your specific processing tank. This way the Filmomat Light automatically calculates the real RPM of the tank. This ensures maximum reproducibility, especially when switching between different tanks.

• Maximum tank size: 39cm x 15cm (length x diameter).

• Can be used as a convenient storage container for your processing equipment.

• Optional: You can attach an additional motor unit to the Filmomat Light. This way, the machine can handle two film tanks at the same time! Ideal for processing different black-and-white films in the same session.

• The content of the delivery is the PVC tray with a motor control unit, three 1000mL storage bottles, 1m hose for draining water from the machine and a printed instruction manual. The processing tank, film spirals, SousVide cooker, and other accessories are NOT included.