Filmomat Super 8/16 cine manual processing tank


• One of the only currently manufactured manual/home processing Super 8/16mm solution

• All parts, tubes, hangers and needed to process Cine film with this tank are included, this kit is a a ready to use solution, right out of the box

• A complete stand alone solution, no other processors or components needed to process and dry Super 8, 8mm or 16mm film

• Capacity: two full 30m (100ft) rolls of 16mm fill, 2x30m 8mm film or a combination of both

• Compatible with all B&W/color Super 8 & 16mm film available today

• 2-3 liters of chemistry are needed, depending on the film format

• Easy to load and comes with a rolling loading base

• The tank and its cap are CNC-milled out of solid PVC, this material is not only chemically resistant but also extremely sturdy and durable. The cap is held in place by a lightproof bayonet lock. The film spirals are supported by stainless steel disks, which keep the film in place. The distance between the film spirals can be set to 8, 16, and 35mm, depending on the desired film format. Two film spirals which hold 30m each, are included in the set.