Fujifilm Fujicolor 200 35mm film 36 Exposures *3 PACK*


FRESH FILM (current production dates)

Fujicolor 200 is a medium speed daylight-balanced color negative film offering a vivid color palette with accurate skin tones and color reproduction in a variety of lighting conditions. It features a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200/24° along with a wide exposure latitude for use in a variety of conditions, even under fluorescent lighting. The fine grain structure and high degree sharpness are well-suited to scanning and enlarging for printing purposes.

ISO Speed Rating: 200
Grain: Fine
Sharpness: High
Contrast: High

A versatile, all-around film
Smooth, fine grain; Enhance edges for outstanding sharpness
Patented 4th color-sensitive emulsion layer; Captures true color even under fluorescent lights
Enhanced color reproduction and sharpness; Vastly improve rendition of reds and purples
Offers exceptionally faithful color; Dramatic improvements in green end of spectrum
Two-Stage Timing DIR Couplers improve color brilliance