Hasselblad Imacon 848 Film Scanner [under 200 scans since last service]

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• We will not accept any returns based on the info below - if you are not sure about this - please look for another scanner - we have other Imacon scanners with fully functioning FW connections in our other item listings - this scanner has been priced accordingly to its condition
• While this scanner is capable of FW connection - the FW ports on this scanner ARE NON FUNCTIONING. As a result, this scanner is operable with the native SCSI connection ONLY!
• Please understand, that this scanner CANNOT be connected using FW connection - and ONLY SCSI connection will work. This is a common failure on all Imacon scanners, for which there is no repair, other than replacing the motherboard, which makes the repair economically non viable
• The SCSI only connection also means the latest Flexcolor version compatible is 4.0.3 (or 4.0.4 for mac), which are readily and freely available online
• This scanner is supplied with the correct HD50/DB25 cable needed to operate it with any SCSI capable device - we recommend getting an inexpensive PC, running windows XP, and a simple 2904 or 2906 Adaptec SCSI PCI adapter, both of which can be found on Ebay for $30-50 (combined), for the most reliable and stable operation of the scanner.
• Full res scan of a full 6X7 frame takes around 2-3 minutes
• We suggest scanning 3F (.fff/scanner raw) on the XP machine, and transferring the files to a modern, fast computer, for further processing fine tuning. As the 3F file format is a lossless format, all processing can be done on the faster computer with no loss of data, at your convenience

About the scanner:

• The 848 is a modern Imacon scanner, compatible with most current operating systems
• By far the best possible negative scanner available
• Can scan up to 6 frames of 35mm, or 3 frames of 6X7 in one pass
• Can scan sizes up to 5X7 negatives/positives and A4 reflective material
• Scanner is used and has recently been fully serviced/tested (guaranteed to work as described upon arrival)
Less than 200 scans since last full service as per scanner hardware data
• There are LOTS of online resources and support available for these scanners (such as the Imacon users FB group, as well as the Imaconusers IO group)
• Local delivery, installation (greater Boston area) and tutorial service available (ask us if interested)


• Hasselblad/Imacon 848 scanner
• 3 original Imacon film holders (35mm [vertical + horizontal], 6X6 [X2 frames], 4X5)
• Power supply
• SCSI HD50/DB25 cable
• Additional holders are available upon request at extra cost.

Scanner Condition:

• This scanner works as it should and produces great results
• Scanner is quiet, and all operations are smooth
• Cosmetically, this scanner shows very normal signs of handling and appears to have been treated very well
• Mechanically/functionally, this scanner is in good working condition with very low overall use (under 11000 TOTAL passes)
Most recent service was less than 200 passes ago, and the scanner has a full service period ahead of it before it might require a standard lube and tune
Please see Hasselblad target chart full size scan detail (max resolution, and detail thereof), which were done immediately before this listing.