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Hasselblad Imacon Flextight Precision II Film Scanner



- Hasselblad/Imacon Precision scanner with power supply
- SCSI CN50 to HD50 cable
- 3 film holders (35mm, 6X6X2, 4X5)

Inexpensive, after-market negative carriers are available on Ebay in all sizes.

Mechanically and functionally, this scanner is in good working condition.

We ran a target chart and it looks good. We did not test beyond that.

This scanner is guaranteed to be able to scan as intended.

This is a SCSI scanner, which requires a SCSI connection. You can get a Adaptec AVA-2903B PCI SCSI adapter on Ebay for less then 15$.

Flexcolor #4.0.3 is the latest version of FC that can work with SCSI scanners. This can be downloaded for free on the Hasselblad website (in the support/downloads section).

Lots of online resources to help you get going with this scanner.

We would be happy to help with local installation, if buyer wanted (greater Boston area).

We can assist with remote installation on PC machines for a nominal fee.

Only known issue of this scanner:

The main power switch is over ridden. When the scanner is plugged in, it immediately turns on. We used a switchable power strip to power up and down the scanner directly. This does not affect the use of the scanner in any way.