Hasselblad Imacon Precision II film scanner #108 PII - FULLY TESTED-WORKS


Local pickup encouraged. We are a local Boston camera store - pick this up in person and ask about our special in person pricing.

• Fully tested Imacon PII scanner
• Scanner is ready to go right out of the box
• ***One of the side panel trim covers is missing. This has no impact on the function or use of the scanner and is purely cosmetic. You can make your own or use the scanner as it is right now
• This scanner has uses SCSI connection ONLY
• Using SCSI is the most stable and reliable way to work with Imacon scanners in this era. It is also easy and simple to do with any modern PC computer. Any SCSI card can be used and the scanner can be supplied with your choice of HD50-DB25 or HD50-CN50/HD50 cables
• SCSI is slightly slower than FW, in this case, the max res scan making the largest possible fire this scanner can produce (close to 800MB) will take about 15 minutes
• This is a SCSI only scanner, fully compatible with modern Windows PC computers and might also be used with some recent MAC devices, but you must be a MAC wizard/expert to make sure you can navigate the complex backwards compatibility issues. We STRONGLY recommend running this on a PC/Windows machine. You can use this scanner with any Windows OS from windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 and 11
• Due to the fact this is a SCSI only machine, this scanner is compatible ONLY with the last SCSI versions of the FlexColor software (4.0.3/4) which is free to download from Hasselblad's website (and other free online sources, we can provide the install file as well if needed)
• We are happy to help set up and install this scanner on any PC machine, sorry, we cant help you with MAC. We are happy to provide a basic tutorial on using this scanner (45 minutes) at no cost
• No carriers are included, however, these can be easily found on Ebay from original and after market sources at relatively low cost


Imacon PII Scanner
Power Supply
Bed dust cover
6 month warranty

Additional carriers are available from us, or can be purchased from various vendors on Ebay or elsewhere.

Local pickup, install and tutorials available.