Heiland Densitometer (TRD2/TRDZ)


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• The best densitometer on the market today

• Densitometers are used in film photography to measure densities of negatives and the saturation of prints

• Such measurements enable the photographer to choose the right photo paper and the correct exposure right away, allowing them to eliminate test strips

• Once the paper and darkroom are calibrated, the first print from a previously measured negative is immediately a success

• The exposure and development of film and paper can quickly be optimized, by means of precise measurement of the optical density

• The quality of your negatives will be greatly improved by targeted corrections of exposure and development

• Any film-developer combination will be optimized, quickly and safely


• Optional device configuration, allows adjustment for a large variety of tasks
• Compact design, also ideal for mobile use
• Quick process control for development of X-ray film and microfilm
• Calibration of monochromatic inkjet printers, for Fine Art prints
• Precise, long-term and stable measurements, due to a solid, metal construction
• Measurements up to 6 logD (<1/1000000 transmittance) can be reliably determined with special models of our devices
• Devices by Heiland Electronic usually work monochromatically within the visual spectrum, and can be individually adjusted according to their task

Type TRD-2:

• Enables easy and fast tests in all photographic processes
• Measurement of logarithmic density for B&W films and papers
• A button is used to select the transmission or reflection mode
• For both transmission and reflection modes, an individual reference point is set
• Measurements are done about 3 times in one second, ensuring a continuous reading of even high densities

Type TRD-Z:

• This instrument is very valuable while calibrating papers and films according to the zone system
• Acts as an electronic zone ruler, replacing estimation with measurement
• Any logarithmic density value is assigned to the appropriate zone range, which eases the interpretation of the density measurement

Additional Options for TRD-2 & Z:

• Exchangeable apertures
• USB port
• Measurement range extended to 5.5 logD
• Extended display resolution (0.001 logD)
• Measurement range is extended to 6.5 logD
• Multi-color LED (creates red, blue, green or white transmission light)

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