Heiland LED cold light kit 4X5 enlargers (Beseler, V35, LPL4500) W/ Splitgrade computer analyzer


Complete plug and play, drop in upgrade, ready to go right out of the box!
Universal fit to most 4X5 enlargers, newer or older
Have a different enlarger? We Heiland can supply an LED cold light source
for ANY enlarger - contact us for details

*** We have several LPL 4500 enlargers in stock - ask us about buying a complete machine, loaded with the LED cold light source to create the most advanced 4X5 enlarger ever made.***

*** SHIPS NEXT DAY: In stock, LED's for all Beseler 4x5 enlargers and MX, MXT; and LEDs for all LPL4x5 enlargers; and Leitz V35

Step into the future and upgrade your enlarger to the ultimate in printing technology, make prints never before possible, achieve "master printer" quality prints in seconds.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Light source colors are accurately adjusted for multigrade paper
• Gradation and light intensity are easily reproduced, providing consistent results
over time
• Replace the current light source of your enlarger with a modern, stable and long-
term LED panel light (replacing lamps is no longer necessary)
• Solid, long-living, metal construction
• Precise on/off switching
• On demand white light facilitates focusing
• Even illumination, corner to corner
• Variable light intensity, for different magnification scales
• Integrated red light aids in the positioning of paper, easel and dodging tools
• Full contrast control (all grades 00-5)
• No light drift (stable light from 0.1 seconds on)
• No fan (no vibration, noise or dispersion of dust)
• Cold light source prevents focus shift (no heating of the negative, glass-plate
• Allows for significantly shorter exposure times (compared to halogen light

What's in the box:

Heiland SPL computer with foot switch and complete cable suite and probe
Heiland LED cold light source
Heiland LED/SPL interface module (LED dimmer box) with interconnect cable
LED Power supply
User manual

Contact us with questions regarding this product and for more information on the different options available.