Heiland Cold Light Source for any Enlarger (Color/BW) SPECIAL ORDER



• Brand new

• Special order item, 3 week lead time

• LED cold light source, for any enlarger

• Replace the current light source of your enlarger with a modern, stable and long-term LED panel light (replacing lamps is no longer necessary)

• Individual adaptation to specific enlargers is supplied by Heiland electronic (all enlarger models are supported)

• Light source colors are accurately adjusted for multigrade paper

• Gradation and light intensity are easily reproduced, providing consistent results over time

BESELER 4x5 USERS: please choose LED-BESELER 45 (ALL MODELS) and include your exact model number in the notes at checkout.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Solid, long-living, metal construction
• Precise on/off switching
• On demand white light facilitates focusing
• Even illumination, corner to corner
• Variable light intensity, for different magnification scales
• Integrated red light aids in the positioning of paper, easel and dodging tools
• Full contrast control (all grades 00-5)
• No light drift (stable light from 0.1 seconds on)
• No fan (no vibration, noise or dispersion of dust)
• Cold light source prevents focus shift (no heating of the negative, glass-plate included)
• Allows for significantly shorter exposure times (compared to halogen light sources)

Contact us with questions regarding this product and for more information on the different options available.