Heiland Safelight


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Safelight for BW work ONLY: RED safelight that can also be toggled to white light
Safelight for BW or Color work: RED light that can also be toggled to yellow light (the yellow light is a safelight for color printing)

• This excellent safelight combines red LEDs with white LEDs for viewing the final print (i.e. in the fixer tray)

• Unique 1m long design enables homogeneous and powerful illumination of your darkroom

• By means of the integrated intensity adjustment, you are able to adapt the intensity to the working distance

Technical Data:

• Dimensions: 105 X 3 X 3 cm
• Weight: 0.5 kg.
• Internal Voltage: 12 V DC.
• Power Consumption: less than 6 Watt.
• Red Color Peak Wavelength: 620-630 nm.
• White Color Temperature: equivalent to approximately 5000K.
• Temperature Range: 10-30°C
• Relative Humidity: 0-70%
• Accessories: 4 screws, 4 screw anchors, power supply

Key Benefits:

• The ideal light for any BW darkroom application
• No risk of fogging paper thanks to precise wavelength output
• Homogeneous light output due to a tube-shaped design
• Can be tilted, enabling wall and ceiling mounting
• LEDs guarantee immediate switching on/off and a long-term, stable light output
• No need for lamp replacement
• Secure and bright red light, at 630nm wavelength
• White light with approximately 5000k enables fast checking of fixed prints
• Adjustable intensity, according to your application needs