Heiland Splitgrade Paper Flasher


To be used in conjunction with a Splitgrade Controller (SPL-M1 or SPL-C1)

With the Splitgrade Paper Flasher accessory, you can enhance highlight details of high contrast negatives without changing the shadows considerably. Pre-expose photo paper in certain areas or completely without removing the negative, or you can use a mask to expose a black border.

The light source is installed near the lens or on a lens cap and connected to your Splitgrade system via an adapter. With the green LED pre-exposure, the photo paper can be sensitized in the highlights without fogging the paper. To determine the correct exposure, a test strip mode is built into the Splitgrade software. The following exposure produces a visible tone on the paper even in the darkest negative areas. This technique can be applied either to the entire image or by masking in certain areas.


• Easy installation

• Control high negative contrast easily

• Integrated test strip menu

• Homogeneous diffused light source with 4 green LEDs