Heiland TAS Film Processor


• IN STOCK - ships next day (JOBO 1500/2500)

• PRE-ORDER with 4 weeks lead time (All other types)

• An alternative film tank processor

• Suitable for continuous or semi-stand processing, with fully programmable agitation regimes

• Simultaneously turns and tilts the film developing tank and adheres to the necessary phases of standstill

• Creates a movement similar to manual development, but with much more precisely controlled agitation

• Together with the integrated calculator for temperature compensation, your negatives will be developed consistently over time

• You can directly transfer predetermined parameters for film development, programming only consists of entering the data

• Unlimited programming modes (require the use of external memory modules, sold separately)

• Easily transportable and can even be powered by a car battery

Key Benefits:

• Development of 35mm film, roll film and 4X5” sheet film
• Ideal for the zone system and two-bath development
• Better acutance of the negatives, due to a process of agitation with phases of standstill
• Compensates total development time, depending on programmed temperature
• Reproducible development results
• Transportable (can also be used in cars or campers with 12V supply)
• Small footprint
• Solid, long-living, metal construction

See pull-down menu for options. Let us know if your tanks are custom/not listed.