Heiland Universal Manual Splitgrade Analyzer Computer SPL-M1 STAND ALONE


• Brand new

• SPL-M1 In stock, ready to ship

• This device facilitates and accelerates the making of high-quality black-and-white photographs on multigrade paper

• Images are developed much faster with this system

• Can be used with any and all enlarger systems (no modification to the enlarger is needed)

• Can be used with insertion filters as well as multigrade and color heads

• Filter selection and exposure time must be handled manually on the enlarger (and timer if one is used)

• The system is calibrated once with two test images

• By measuring the areas of light and shadow on the projected negative, the user determines contrast and brightness on the easel

• For over 30 default paper calibrations, a suggestion for the right exposure will immediately be calculated, with 1/10 f-stop / gradation level accuracy

• Furthermore, there is no limit to any possible manual corrections, post-exposure

Key Benefits:

• Image is typically created in under 2 minutes
• Use the unit with any enlarger, no modification of enlarger is necessary
• Quick and easy determination of exposure time and gradation
• Promotes creative working
• Only two test prints are needed for system calibration
• Intuitive control, due to illuminated buttons and plain-text display
• Exposure in 2 phases with soft and hard light, allows dodging in either the hard or the soft gradation phase
• Free firmware updates for new paper programs and functions

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