Heiland Film Dryer with cabinet (up to 12 rolls)


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With this ultra stable stainless steel device you can dry your films quickly and safely thanks to an electronic temperature control.

Up to 6 sheets of 8x10 inch films or 12 films of any size between 4x5 inches and 35mm can be dried simultaneously.
The films are protected against dust during drying by an air bag made of high-quality transparent PVC film. Two zippers allow the complete opening of the air bag and simplify the insertion and removal of the films.

The air is sucked in through lateral slots and an integrated filter, heated up and blown in the direction of the films. The powerful heater combined with an electronic thermostat brings the air to its nominal temperature within a very short time. A mixing chamber creates a gentle and evenly distributed air flow.

The heating assembly of the Mark II version is flatter than before and made in full metal construction. The electronic controller enables a preselection of drying time and temperature.


Useful for film sizes from 35mm up to 8x10 inch.
Safe film drying without drying marks.
Electronic temperature control.
Compact design.
Wide supply voltage range 90 to 240 V AC.
Exchangeable high-quality air filter.