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Intrepid 4X5 Field Camera with 100mm + 162mm + 270mm Lenses + Holders


A basic, light-weight, folding field camera with a rotating back.

Upgrade the ground glass to a bright, top of the line KB Canham ground glass for an additional 89$.


- Intrepid 4X5 camera
- Meyer-Optic Aristostigmat Wide-Angle 100mm F6.3
- Kodak Anastigmat 162mm F4.5
- Rodenstock-Rotelar 270mm F5.6
- 2 modern, used, light-tight tested film holders (not seen in photos)


- Front: swing, rise/fall, tilt
- Rear: tilt (forward only)
- Camera uses common and easy to find Linhof, Technika-style lens boards
- Rotating back


This is a lightly used, good working condition Intrepid 4X5 camera.
Minor signs of use, if any.
Camera comes with original box.
Bellows is tested light-tight and in good working condition.
All camera movements, knobs, gears and latches are in good working condition.
Holders are film tested and light-tight.

Meyer-Optic Aristostigmat 100mm F6.3:

The 100mm is a wide-angle lens on 4X5, (equivalent to a 28mm lens on 35mm format cameras). Large image circle, covers 5X7. Glass is coated and clean, shutter fires nicely on all speeds.

Kodak Anastigmat 162mm F4.5:

A great "normal" angle of view lens. Ideal "do it all" lens. Glass is clean, shutter fires nicely on all speeds.

Rodenstock Rotelar 270mm F5.6:

A great, telephoto/portrait angle of view lens. Glass is coated and generally clean, shutter fires nicely on all speeds. Lens has some minor edge balsam failure, will not affect image quality.

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.