Jobo CPE2+ Processor with Lift (upgraded CPE2)


• This CPE2 was recently rebuilt from the ground up, by us

• Brand new, upgraded motor, with 100% more power than the original CPE2 motor

• The motor is custom-fitted into the housing, requiring various modifications and resulting in a much more rigid and stable housing

• The main trough has 2 patches (these are ugly, but work nicely and trough is water-tight

• Capable of processing all types of films and paper (B/W, C-41, E-6, RA-4 and more)

• This plus version has a stronger motor and more reliable electronics (all parts are on hand for service into the future)

• Small foot print (about 27X15"), makes this an ideal machine for smaller darkrooms or work spaces

• This processor is used, tested and working as it should

• Brand new, high-power motor runs strong (tested under load)

• Main drive cog is brand new

• Lift transfer gears are lubricated and the retaining clips are brand new

• Processor shows very normal signs of use (staining and other marks)

• Includes all new 600ml bottles and 260ml beakers

• Includes roller extension arms (not seen in photo)

• 6 month warranty

Ask us about combining this machine with any drums or reels.